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Pinch your stress away with the Pinchy, the world's first pinching toy!  With its innovative design and unique pinching motion, the Pinchy is perfect for anyone looking to focus or simply unwind. Its ergonomic design combined with a proprietary spring and bearing mechanism produces a satisfying, repeatable pinching motion to relieve stress, anxiety, and restlessness.  Every Pinchy is 3D printed in various colors, hand-assembled in the USA, and sent to your door in a 100% compostable package.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic design for comfortable gripping

  • Proprietary spring and bearing mechanism for a satisfying pinching motion

  • Portable design with keychain hole  – take it with you wherever you go!

Made in the USA by RoysToysCo Premium Fidget Toys, this fidget toy is designed with your needs in mind. It features a CPSIA tracking label to ensure its safety and suitability for children aged 3 and over; certified free of carcinogens or reproductive chemicals as per California Prop 65 guidelines as well. Whether you're looking to relieve stress at work or focus during an important meeting, Pinchy has got you covered!

The Pinchy and Pinchy XL were born out of necessity, when its inventor, Roy, found that fidgeting with everyday items such as pens was too loud and distracting. While designing and 3D printing several iterations of this fidget toy during the prototyping process, he strived to create a “Triple S” product (silent, smooth, and satisfying). Thus, the world’s first pinching fidget toy was created, satisfying the needs of fidgeters all across the nation!

Every unit is sanitized before shipping.  This product is Patent Pending.

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