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Relieve Stress and Anxiety

The Pinchy's smooth pinching motion can provide an outlet for anxious energy and restlessness, helping you relax and de-stress.

Focus on the Task at Hand

It's virtually silent operation and natural pinching motion ensures you can focus on reading, writing, or working while pinching simultaneously.

Portable Pinching

The Pinchy is designed to be silent, discreet, and portable. Use in the classroom, the office, the lecture hall, or just about anywhere!

Choose the Right Pinchy for You

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Green Pledge

RoysToysCo is committed to reducing our carbon footprint wherever and whenever possible, which is why our fidget toys are sent to you in 100% compostable mailers without wasteful product packaging. In addition, most of the Pinchy itself is biodegradable! We 3D print our fidget toys using PLA filament, a biodegradable plastic made from corn starch.

Our Story

The Pinchy was invented by Roy S., a college student who fidgeted with just about anything to help him focus on schoolwork. However, he was frustrated with the loud and distracting nature of current fidget toys on the market. Having experience in product modeling and 3D printing, Roy set out to invent his own fidget toy. He spent 9 months designing and 3D printing over 20 prototypes, striving to create the most silent, smooth, and satisfying fidget toy ever. Thus, the Pinchy was born, satisfying the needs of fidgeters across the nation!